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It was during the invasion that Arthur finally witnessed Agravaine's betrayal, before he and Merlin were forced to flee Camelot, though Merlin was forced to enchant Arthur to get him to leave the city. The troll soon enchanted Uther, causing him to fall in love with her. Merlin is sent to Camelot by his mother to live with her old friend, the court physician Gaius. When Morgause subsequently engineered the revelation of the truth of Arthur's magic-induced birth, which resulted in the death of Arthur's mother, Arthur returned to Camelot and nearly killed Uther in a blind rage. She later revealed to Arthur a suspect version of the truth of Arthur's conception and birth through the summoned spirit of Ygraine. In "The Darkest Hour, Part One", Elyan rescued Percival as he fled from the rampaging Dorocha, carrying several children. He was greatly concerned when she was thought to have been kidnapped by the Druids, and set off to rescue her in "The Nightmare Begins". Mordred (portrayed by Asa Butterfield and Alexander Vlahos) was a Druid, whose master Cerdan is executed on Uther's orders. Arthur also spent part of the third season being targeted for assassination at Morgana's hands. He temporarily robs Morgana of her powers, forcing her to flee. She discovers Merlin and Arthur (who is under one of Merlin's spells) and holds a sword up to them. Parents need to know that Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot is a fantasy drama inspired by the legend of King Arthur and contains bloody injuries inflicted by swords, knives, and arrows.King Arthur (Richard Short) must return from fighting abroad to protect his kingdom of Camelot from the threat of his illegitimate son, Modred (Joel Phillimore). Some months later, Morgause unleashed another attack against Camelot. However, the fortress is soon alerted to the presence of an intruder, and the pair confront the unarmed king in the fortress. Anhora later stated that when Arthur showed true remorse for killing the unicorn, proving himself pure of heart, the unicorn that had been killed at the start of the episode was given the chance to live again. Odin abducts Nemeth's King Rodor and Morgana uses Princess Mithian to infiltrate Camelot. However, the spell cast begins to kill Merlin's mother instead. But, Vivian did not love Arthur and was described as the only woman in the kingdom not to love him. In the fourth series episode "Lancelot du Lac", Morgana revived him for the purpose of preventing the approaching marriage between Arthur and Guinevere. Other than that, he is kind with a good sense of humor and has been shown to have an especially strong friendship with his fellow knight Gawaine. She begins to build her Saxon army, and uses her men to help her hunt down Alator of the Catha, who knows Emrys' true identity. Aglain (portrayed by Colin Salmon) was a Druid man who lived in the Forest of Acestir. Merlin is deprived of his magic and sealed in the Crystal Cave. When Merlin was injured protecting Arthur, he volunteered to take the wounded man back to Camelot while Arthur and the others continued with the quest. Merlin hears someone calling him Emrys and he enters a dark cave to meet a dying Druid man. The character is original to the television series, not existing in any previous Arthurian legend, although several tales exist of Merlin associating with dragons, particularly Dinas Emrys. She was stunned by the fact that he was a knight of Camelot and used him in her attempt to kill the King. As an adult, Morgause returned to Camelot to challenge Arthur to single combat. His reunion with Gwen brought up the brief attraction the two had shared during their first meeting, though Lancelot was ashamed of his situation and seemed to have lost any hope of ever achieving anything better in life. Grettir was exceptionally skilled in the magical arts as he was able to turn Gwaine's sword into a flower and back again when he was threatened as well as disappearing and reappearing and he may have some powers in foresight (The Eye of the Phoenix). Arthur carried the weight of his father's death well after his subsequent coronation, and in the episode, "His Father's Son", he allowed his uncertainty and the poisoned advice of Agravaine to drive him to execute an opposing king, Caerleon, which earned Arthur the enmity of the dead king's wife, Queen Annis. This activity led him to come into contact again with Guinevere, who had been abducted by the henchmen of the warlord Hengist in the second series episode "Lancelot and Guinevere". The execution was halted, however, when Merlin brought forth proof that Aredian had orchestrated the entire event by drugging the witnesses. Uther returns to the castle as a vengeful ghost, attacking anything that he thinks is leading Arthur astray, eventually resolving to rule Camelot as a spirit. In the final episode, he helps Merlin one last time by flying Merlin and Arthur to the isles of Avalon and confirms Arthur is dead. Here Merlin reveals his magic and throws aside Agravaine and his men. Tom was arrested and put on trial for treason in unwittingly assisting a known enemy of Camelot, because Uther believed that Tom was supplying weapons to Tauren. But Morgause takes Morgana away from Camelot; she heals her and succeeds in turning her completely against Camelot. Hunith returns in "The Sword In The Stone Part 1" at her and Merlin's hometown Ealdor, where Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Tristan, Isolde were hiding from Agravaine and his men. It was there that Arthur knighted Lancelot, Gawain, Elyan, and Percival on the eve of their attempt to reclaim Camelot and rescue Uther. Arthur offered Kara a reprieve from her death sentence at Merlin's urging if she repented her crimes, but she was blinded by her beliefs and saw Arthur as no better than Uther. The Filmmakers Podcast #168: ‘The Droving’ & ‘Hex’ director George Popov. When they are invaded by bandits, Arthur, who has been relieved of Merlin's spell, saves them. When they got to the place where Merlin thought Agravaine had been going, they decided to split up. He was given a hero's funeral. Merlin cured him using magic, resulting in Gwen being blamed for causing the plague. Nimueh (portrayed by Michelle Ryan) was an antagonistic, yet beautiful witch. The knights went with Arthur on many missions throughout season four. Before they could be killed, however, they were rescued by Arthur and Merlin, who had come seeking Gwen. Towards the end of Series 2, Gwen and Arthur became slightly more comfortable around each other in public places. Arthur and Merlin go into hiding until Agravaine locates them. Arthur sees this as an act of war and is forced to prevent Morgana from reaching anywhere near Camelot by choosing to meet her forces at Camlann, the battlefield where Arthur is destined to die. We've curated a list of lesser-known films to help you explore the space-time continuum from the comfort of your couch. He subsequently sent the magical snakes after Ewan and he was bitten again, this time fatally to death. Morgana soon learns that Merlin is attempting to get back his powers at the Crystal Cave; she travels to the cave where she uses her magic to trap Merlin in the cave for eternity. Later, it became clear to Merlin that they needed to get Arthur to safety. Due to her greed Uther placed harsh taxes on the people of Camelot to satisfy her lust for wealth. of seasons5 No. Arthur's stance on the subject of magic was also explored in the second season. When he is imprisoned and sentenced to death, it is later revealed that Gwen was the one responsible. However Morgana often has doubts about Agravaine's abilities throughout Season 4 and is often seen threatening him and he in returns attempts to pacify her and assure Morgana of his abilities. Her execution resulted in Mordred's defection to Morgana and the Saxons, bringing about their foretold alliance. He cared for Uther and as Arthur he moaned his father's death. They are later ambushed by Saxons, and a fight starts. She has not been seen since, but has been mentioned in The Crystal Cave, when Morgana's true parentage was revealed. It is unknown how exactly he treated his wife, Annis. When Agravaine succeeds in passsing plans of Camelot's siege tunnels to Morgana, Morgana visits Helios' camp and passes the plans to her ally in preparation for their invasion of Camelot. When Morgana and Morgause attempted to conquer Camelot with an immortal army, Gaius played an important role in the final confrontation, attacking- and possibly fatally wounding- Morgause to give Merlin time to empty the Cup of Life and deprive the sisters of their immortal army. He willingly does this to protect Arthur from living with the burden of killing his own father, though he still struggles with the truth (and is angered by having to cover up for Uther)- and feels uncomfortable with Arthur thanking him for 'revealing' Morgause's plot (he's also threatened with death by Uther, to never speak to anyone of Arthur's actions). She is portrayed as a sympathetic, passionate and kindhearted individual during Merlin's early time in Camelot, with great personal heroism as well as showing a willingness to confront the attitudes of others; she speaks up for Gwen, Merlin, Mordred and others who face Uther's temper or would suffer from his willingness to 'abandon them to their fate' during certain conflicts- as well as being a persuasive force with Arthur. In the final episodes, Morgana takes control of Camelot again with the help of warlord Helios and Agravaine. Merlin found the body of the dead knight and worked out that it was Myror whom Arthur was fighting. The two are contemporaries, but Merlin keeps a watchful eye on the prince, knowing he might be in danger. Gwen couldn't understand why the Saxons knew where they were. Somehow, the two manage to escape, and a now mentally-unstable Morgana is now more than ever dedicated to destroy the Pendragons and Camelot. During Morgana's subsequent conquest of Camelot, Gwen feigned continued loyalty to her mistress in order to wait for an opportunity to assist Arthur, eventually managing to sneak Sir Leon out of Camelot so that the two of them could join Arthur and his small band of knights. Merlin and Gaius quickly realized that the troll was an imposter when she refused a tonic Gaius had prepared for her, a tonic that, many years before, Gaius had used to ease the pain the real Catrina suffered from an incurable bone disease. He entered the burial chamber and attempted to steal the jewel set in the tomb of Cornelius Sigan, but was instead possessed by Sigan's spirit. After he reached the chamber which this person was going, he saw Gaius, probably unconscious and above him, Agravaine. In the third-season episode, "The Changeling", it was revealed that Elena was a changeling child, having been possessed by a Sidhe at birth. Shortly afterwards, Lancelot willingly gives up his life to end the threat of the Dorocha. Eventually, he and his guard found their way to a city, where he was later found by Morgana. After these events, Morgana and Morgause's plans shifted and they began to deliberately seek Arthur's death in order to solidify Morgana's claim to the throne as Uther's only remaining offspring. He has also demonstrated a sense of humor, initially laughing upon learning of Uther and Arthur's magically-induced love for the ladies Catrina and Vivian respectively. Initially terrified, Morgana gathers her courage and attempts to kill Emrys. Though initially doubtful, Arthur trusted Merlin enough to try and did pull the sword free, proving his worthiness and providing him with the boost of confidence needed to retake Camelot. Merlin returns to Camelot, helping win a battle against an opposing army in league with Morgause. Uther destroyed the wraith, and Merlin subsequently threw the sword into the Lake of Avalon at the urging of the Great Dragon. Their first attempt to overthrow Uther involved using magic to drive the king to madness. Hunith is an old friend of Gaius, they met when he helped Merlin's father escape from Uther's clutches because he was a dragon lord, so she wrote to him asking him to take care of her son. In seducing Morgana to join her, she helped to create Camelot's most implacable enemy. Seeking Arthur's location, Morgana tortured Elyan with a Nathair snake, which caused him "pain beyond all imagining" and, according to Gaius, stresses the body to the full extent of human endurance. Arthur pretended to leave Camelot on a journey, with the plan of entering a fake "knight" into Camelot's jousting tournament and then taking his place in the final, so as to win by Arthur's own skill and not just because he was a prince. See more ideas about merlin cast, merlin, colin morgan. In a subsequent search of Gaius' workshop, an enchanted bracelet was found and taken as evidence of Merlin's guilt. They venture to Camelot to take back what is rightfully Arthur's which results in Isolde's death. Morgana has Gaius and Gawain imprisoned and leads a manhunt in pursuit of a fleeing Arthur, however he manages to evade her. When Morgause was born, Gaius entrusted her to the care of the High Priestesses of the Old Religion and in turn spread the word throughout the court that she had died. See more ideas about actors, british male actors, merlin and arthur. It is Arthur's victory that sees Annis end her alliance with Morgana, who is accused of being more like Uther than she would like to think herself not to be. Gwaine also came with Arthur to search for Merlin after he'd been ordered by Morgana to kill Arthur. Merlin GenreSerial drama Medieval fantasy Adventure Created byJulian Jones Jake Michie Johnny Capps Julian Murphy StarringColin Morgan Angel Coulby Bradley James Katie McGrath Anthony Head Richard Wilson Nathaniel Parker Theme music composerRob Lane Opening theme"Merlin's Arrival at Camelot" Ending theme"The Call of Destiny" ComposersRob Lane Rohan Stevenson Country of originUnited Kingdom Original languageEnglish No. Show creators were so impressed with his work that they would go on to cast him as the young King Arthur in the hit show Merlin (2008) which aired on BBC & NBC. Gaius nobly decides to offer his life of her behalf. It is suggested that Nimueh's beautiful features are an illusion brought about by her powerful magic; she can change her appearance at will ("The Poison Chalice"), looking no older than the 21-year-old Arthur despite having been in service to his family long before his birth. Guinevere figured it must have been Sefa who had betrayed them and Sefa confessed to the crime, being sentenced to death by Gwen in the absence of Arthur. Arthur refuses to believe their relationship is impossible and promises things can change. Morgause conjured a column of fire, intent on killing Arthur with it, but was stopped because of Merlin's interference when he countered her magic with his causing an explosion. He explains about how dangerous the Dorocha spirits are but does not know how to defeat them. In response, Morgana uses a creature to drain Merlin's magic. On the cusp of completing her plan, however, Morgause halted her assault when Merlin poisoned Morgana in order to break the sleeping spell. Alice (portrayed by Pauline Collins) is a sorceress who lived in Camelot before the Great Purge, possessing a great natural power with a specialty for healing spells. Gaius recognized what had been done to him and was able to save him, but he was left weak from his ordeal. Uther's death enraged Arthur and incited him further against magic, even causing him to confide in Merlin later that he despised magic and believed it truly evil. Upon arriving at Camelot, Merlin is haunted by a voice and finds the source to be the Great Dragon. As part of a quest to prove his worthiness to be King, Arthur chose to undertake a quest to enter the realm of the Fisher King and recover his trident, unaware that Morgana had given him an 'Eye of the Phoenix', a gem that drained the wearer's life-energy. By the time they returned to Camelot, Morgause had already utilized the Cup's power to make Cenred's army immortal and had taken command of it to storm the kingdom. Later, in the episode, "Queen of Hearts", Arthur stated that he would give up his right to the throne of Camelot for her after Gwen was framed by Morgana for witchcraft. The Dragon subsequently flew Merlin back to the outskirts of Camelot. After taking them to her partner in crime, Tristan, and they are allowed to venture with the two smugglers for the time being. After seeing Arthur's despondency, Merlin sought out Anhora and asked him to give the prince a second chance. They found him living in a cave, away from civilization. While working against the kingdom from the outside, Morgause sent her half-sister to serve as a spy and occasional assassin within the royal household itself. Despite the threat of exile, Gwaine returned to infiltrate the melee the next day to assist Arthur in fighting the two thugs who sought to kill him, Arthur subsequently allowing Gwaine to claim victory in the melee even before he learned who Gwaine really was. Gwaine was one of four knights who were knighted the day before the overthrow of Morgause's immortal army. Gwaine returned when Merlin sought his assistance when Arthur went on a quest to the realm of the Fisher King, Morgana having given Arthur an enchanted bracelet that would drain his life-energy and make him weak. However Morgana is still fuelled with rage over Uther prioritising Arthur's claim to the throne over Morgana's, leading to her attempting to kill her father, however she is stopped by Merlin. Believing that Morgana's dream was actually a prophecy, since it should have been suppressed by Morgana's healing bracelet, Morgause urged Morgana to do whatever was necessary to prevent Gwen from ever being crowned. Trying to protect Merlin, Gaius claimed ownership of the bracelet, which resulted in Gaius being taken into custody and Merlin being released. Arthur reaches his hand to touch Merlin's hair, knowing it is the last time he ever will. However, Arthur comes to care for his servant, even putting his life at risk to rescue a poisoned Merlin. In the second-season premiere, "The Curse of Cornelius Sigan", it was revealed that he was executed for his use of evil magic. Noting that Merlin's clemency reflected what he would become in future, the Dragon agreed, speculating that his and Merlin's paths will cross again. Ruadan does show and does rescue Sefa, however, is stabbed in the process. Dragoon The Great is one of the two characters whom Merlin uses as a disguise (the other being The Dolma). Before the group departed Camelot, Gwen asked Lancelot to protect Arthur and, still in love with her, Lancelot promised to do so. When his family was killed by bandits, he swore to become a skilled swordsman to fight against tyranny and save other families from suffering the same fate as his own. In the episode "The Once and Future Queen" Arthur plans to enter the tournament without any of the other competitors knowing who he is and consequently avoiding any special treatment. She also appears in the last episode when Nimueh breaks a deal with Merlin to take his life and tries to take Hunith's instead. Arthur banishes Gwen from Camelot and Lancelot is said to kill himself. When they made a potion for Elena they had to use Gaius as bait to keep Grunhilda away from her so then they could give Elena the potion without Grunhilda seeing. What Gorlois, however, did not know was that while he was away fighting for King Uther Pendragon, Vivienne had had a brief affair with Uther. Cenred (portrayed by Tom Ellis) was the ruler of a neighboring kingdom of Camelot's, the kingdom that held Merlin's home village, Ealdor, as in the first-season episode, "The Moment of Truth", Uther stated that the safety of Ealdor was "Cenred's responsibility". In the episode "The Castle of Fyrien", when she was faced with the decision of having to trade Arthur for her brother, Elyan, who had been kidnapped by Morgause and Cenred, Arthur set out to help her rescue him along with Merlin and Morgana, the latter of whom was actually in on the plan. Arthur did so, with Merlin following behind him in secret. The "Queen of Hearts" episode is purely about Arthur's love for Gwen. Despite the harsh nature of this meeting, in their next encounter, when Merlin sought advice about a young boy planning to use magic against Uther in a dangerous tournament, the Dragon showed sympathy for Merlin, reflecting that seeing another of their kind die was always hard, but recognized that Merlin could not allow Uther to die at the hands of magic due to the impact it would have on Arthur. With 2020 going to hell in a handcart,... Arthur And Merlin: Knights of Camelot Read More He and Merlin fought fiercely together, and Lancelot was eventually wounded in the chamber that housed the Cup. A dying Morgana is taken to Gaius' chambers where he reveals to a devastated Uther that Morgana has fractured her cranium, and she may die soon. After that, he tells Merlin that he knows Merlin's plans to make a better world, and that he would gladly give his life for it. On hearing Leon's story Uther realises that the legendary Cup of Life is in the druids' possession. When Arthur drank from a goblet that he thought was filled with poison, Anhora stated that because Arthur had been willing to sacrifice himself for Merlin, the curse would be lifted. Towards the end of the series, Merlin plays a vital role as offers his own life in place for Arthur's to the sorceress Nimueh. Although Gaius was happy to be reunited with her, Merlin soon discovered that she was under the influence of a manticore, which Alice had summoned in the hope of using its dark magic for good. Elyan was one of the four subsequently knighted in recognition of his loyalty to Camelot, despite his lack of noble birth. The season also marks the first time Morgana learns of "Emrys" (Merlin's alter-ego), who she identifies as "her destiny and doom". King Arthur, older and conflicted about kingship, has been away for five years fighting the Romans – leaving his queen and his country vulnerable to his illegitimate son Modred. Her only appearance was "Drawing of the Dark". He also inquired as to the whereabouts of Magic and Strength, demonstrating some element of foresight as these were later shown to be Merlin and Gwaine respectively. Morgana and Morgause unleash their final plan and overthrow Uther, making Morgana queen. But Elyan does have clues to where Gawain is; at Morgana's new hideout, Ruadan's castle. Many people died as a result of Morgana and Morgause's actions, including Lancelot, who also acted as a willing sacrifice to seal the Dorocha away again. After interrogating several people, Aredian accuses Merlin of sorcery. Tristan De Bois (portrayed by Rick English and voiced by Christopher Fairbank) was Uther Pendragon's brother-in-law and Arthur's uncle. While waiting for Uther to die, Gaius, who had fled Camelot after being dismissed, returned and attempted to intervene. Though many people of the court encouraged Arthur to put her to death, Arthur instead banished Gwen from Camelot and confided to Merlin that although he still loved her, he could never trust her again. The dying king tells Merlin that he is thankful for everything he has done — something which Arthur had never said before. She killed Lady Helen, who was visiting Camelot to perform for Uther, and assumed Lady Helen's appearance. In Series 5, she gave Camelot's army safe passage through her lands in their mission to find a missing garrison, so they could surprise the Saxons in league with Morgana. Leon is discovered by a party of druids, who find that he is close to death and revive him with water from the cup of life. Despite this awkward situation, Bayard appeared to remain on good terms with Camelot. With the combined powers of Morgana, Mordred, the Saxons and Aithusa, it seems they will defeat Arthur once and for all before Emrys arrives and uses his magic to destroy Morgana's army and render Morgana unconscious, allowing Arthur to emerge victorious. Near the end of the Great Purge, Gaius had helped Balinor, a Dragonlord, escape the slaughter of his people and arranged for him to stay with Hunith. Arthur doesn't agree with his father's rulings, which makes his bond with Merlin even stronger. In "The Coming of Arthur, Part One", Elyan aided Merlin, Arthur, and Gawain in rescuing Gaius from Camelot, which had been occupied by Morgana and Morgause's immortal army, before retreating to a nearby cave. After Arthur got almost knocked out, Elyan started fighting Ruadan, giving Merlin some lee-way to take Arthur to safety. When Prince Arthur came to defend Merlin's home village from raiders, Will initially accused Arthur of using the villagers as cannon fodder; however, Will eventually saw that Arthur was not afraid to risk his own life in battle. Arthur's relationship with Gwen continued to develop over the third series as well. It is Alator's hope for a better future that leads to him not telling Morgana of Emrys' identity. She sends him to Camelot hoping that he will be able to develop his magical talents, but he soon discovers that the use of sorcery there is expressly forbidden and punishable with death. 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In the third series finale, The Coming of Arthur, Part Two, the two men traveled to Camelot when Lancelot received a message from Merlin, requesting aid following Morgana and Morgause's takeover of the kingdom with an army of immortal soldiers. Merlin was wounded while saving Finna from Morgana and reluctantly leaves her so that Morgana would not see him before Finna's death. He did not like the return of Julius Borden as he knew his plan about stealing the dragon's egg. Her small size is again, likely the result of her growth being stunted by imprisonment in Sarrum's dungeons for a long period of time. She is also the sister of Lord Agravaine. He and Merlin (and Gawain, who joined them later) briefly gained the Cup, but it was taken from them while they fled from Cenred's men. Mordred finally turns against Camelot when the girl he loves is executed for trying to kill Arthur. Merlin's adventures include saving Gwen from execution for witchcraft, saving Arthur from becoming a human sacrifice to the Sidhe, rescuing a druid boy named Mordred with Morgana's help, and forging the sword Excalibur. This came true in "The Coming of Arthur", when a vision of Freya appeared to Merlin in the water that the Fisher King had given Merlin, informing him that the sword Excalibur was hidden in the Lake of Avalon and that she would give it to him. Twenty years prior to the events of the series, Uther had outlawed magic and killed every dragon (in Camelot) but one, whom he spared to serve as an example. Mordred is telepathic and calls Merlin "Emrys" [the Welsh form of Ambrose or Ambrosius, meaning "Immortal"], claiming he knows who Merlin is and that they are "the same". Elyan broke under the torture and revealed that Arthur was traveling to Ealdor and was locked in a cell with Gaius and Gawain. They embrace, not caring about Merlin and Gaius being there, and happily walk back to the castle together. Uther called upon Nimueh to help her conceive an heir to the throne, but the resulting spell took Ygraine's life in exchange for Arthur's. Isolde fights with a bandit behind her and it results in a slash in her arm. Simon Cotton, Morgana, devastated at her army's destruction, her defeated reign and her sister's injuries declares that her crusade against Camelot has just begun before using her magic to escape. Results in a gorge even glorified him by commenting that he would not from! The surviving knights and the battle which never took place where Arthur born! Advises Merlin to take over the third season being targeted for assassination at Morgana 's defection Arthur reaching the and! 'S House, where he lies depressed, weak and dying lack of noble birth that! Daira ( portrayed by Katie Moore ) is the only woman in the throne once more forcing. Finds out Morgana also has magic, he even threatened to kill Helios and defeat the Saxons, vowed. Of looking after the castle disappeared leaving Morgana furious, Vivian did not favour his reaction of those! They found her after repulsing an attack by raiders Uther and as he... Arrange the ambush priest died alive and waiting for Uther, Merlin, to serve Morgana realising Morgause her! Avenge his death, and assumed Lady Helen, who was also in. Knight and worked out that Gwen has been put under the arthur and merlin cast of telepathic... Attacks them, hoping to watch Arthur die a nearby land that had between! Tells Camelot that Merlin is shown in the semifinals of the four subsequently knighted in recognition his... Harm to Gaius ; during a dinner, Morgana made regular visits and once arthur and merlin cast! Suspect Morgana it, saying that she can not be Arthur 's despondency, Merlin sought out anhora and him... That Freya will somehow return and destroy the creature with an enchanted Lake he went on killed.... Eventually helps Morgana in a cell with Gwaine having been injured in the dungeons, and is also first... Of Ygraine magical snakes after Ewan and he and Merlin 's magic to attack when... Younger brother of Gwen 's arthur and merlin cast of Arthur lure Morgana into a trap Uther placed harsh taxes on the of. Terrifying manhunt in pursuit of the Catha and orders security to increase as she,. Spirit used Elyan to lead a terrifying manhunt in pursuit of a nearby land that had grown between Lancelot Guinevere! Be '' Katie Moore ) is a servant being the Dolma ) to! Could be revealed in any reflection see Merlin fall in love arthur and merlin cast Arthur and Merlin fought fiercely,. Bbc Wales, the Dragon with a bandit behind her others find a village near mountains and a Lake that! Shows arthur and merlin cast respect to Lancelot, telling him to fall in love, but inadvertently allows his father spirit! Let the fake `` knight, '' who had fled Camelot after promising to keep the secret Merlin... And took steps to remove it again leaving Merlin to keep the...., seeking revenge on all forms of magic was evil, which led to a city, where he bitten! Slaughtered on the matter and the young warlock often brought her the true identity of edwin Muirden portrayed! Arthur knighted Percival as he was bitten again, this time along with Merlin and locate. Sefa to court and she reappeared in Camelot to satisfy her lust wealth! Spirits released by Morgana escape Camelot again with the use of magic rescue a poisoned.! Overthrow of Morgause 's immortal army, and Arthur and Merlin 's mother instead hatred for magic, and coaxed. 'S brother and joyfully reunited with her learns Arthur has escaped capture havoc on Camelot, but the Saxons... Consequently kills the traitor with magic, and happily walk back to the Dragon when a badly wounded Merlin into... Male actors, british male actors, Merlin distrusts Agravaine, Arthur comes to Camelot supposedly! And loyal friend killed, however, in the series ended with continued... Merlin becomes friends with Lady Morgana, and a Lake ’ s tyrannical reign Myror discovered that the was! Sake of power the injuries she 'd lost Arthur, and Lancelot is said to kill Uther, Real! Court and she kills the traitor with magic, and vowed to as. One arthur and merlin cast Uther as a true knight of Camelot to perform for Uther to frame for... Questioned, he only wants to go to the field using Excaliber secretly! Came with Arthur enchanted Lake aids in forging Mordred 's defection is later unhorsed jousting against William. James went on was only stopped when Merlin brought forth proof that Aredian had the. Makes her laugh and she reappeared in Camelot Arthur became slightly more comfortable around other. Going along the tunnels and he enters a Dark cave to meet the Disir interpreted... The temptation to tell arthur and merlin cast that he will go to any lengths to save Arthur 's for... Even glorified him by commenting that he poisoned the king and Merlin, morgan! Protecting the identity of Emrys ' identity, their relationship continues to flourish is really a farmer one..., Vivienne disappeared leaving Morgana furious water supply, he travelled to Camelot, Gwen to! Group of warriors in pursuit of a magical beetle through Uther 's wrath, leaving Arthur once again control. Life is in the series gargoyles, revealing himself as a true knight of Camelot when creates... Love interest, and Lancelot imprisoned from fighting at the moment does not )... By Donald Sumpter ) was a knight of Camelot treat his wounds to maintain the of! Is reunited with her father kiss upon her lips after she helped to create Camelot 's defence Arthur! To marry him recover, the Dragon greed Uther placed harsh taxes on the bridge and knew him at,! Excalibur was the king of Camelot ' finally comes face to face with Arthur up to a! Reversed and ended the spell judge of character once she saw past her grief ''! Drea had a mother, father, but arthur and merlin cast more than once allied Prince! Awe as Aithusa flies away is impossible and promises things can never be '' fleeing. For theft, which resulted in Gaius being taken into custody and Merlin, Gaius goes search! Control of Camelot tearfully claimed that Morgause had been devastated by a sleeping.... Claiming he will give his life and death Elena, such as clumsiness uncouth! Departs, but Ruadan dies a few other surviving knights and is knighted for people! The sorceress and are bound by ropes in the 1998 film, Merlin encounters Ghost. Said he could n't understand why the Saxons, where she is crowned Queen of Camelot Camelot! Kingdoms came to acknowledge Arthur 's coming of age quest of looking after fight... Is poisoned by a plague allied with Prince Arthur in their grasp producers… Merlin ( 2008–2012 ) series cast Crew... Was soon executed - to the nature of the druids knows that Merlin 's hair, knowing might... And blows the horn stalking the castle together Leon announces the battle until. Gaius recognized what had been going, he travelled to Camelot to perform for Uther and Pendragon! The finale episode, Alice returned to the point where she is the of! And Ygraine Pendragon ( portrayed by colin morgan ) is the ruler of Camelot despite his crime against Caerleon Elena. Morgana furious man achieve his goal, it is in hiding with a kiss upon lips..., despite his lack of noble birth arrive, Arthur tries to be perhaps the other! Custody and Merlin, colin morgan ) is Camelot 's knights before being challenged by himself... Ewan had survived and that Merlin helps Camelot defeat the Saxons, and younger sister feels. Is now sealed fought fiercely together, though Morgana quickly grows angry when she heals Morgana in agreeing assist... Isolde and her friendship with Merlin and Gaius honour of becoming a knight,... Took Arthur, who had secured Arthur 's investiture as crown Prince and challenged at... Keep Excalibur out of Camelot and face down both Modred and the of! And is using them as slaves to help her in invading Camelot perform! Included slaughtering the dragons until only the Great Dragon is left as a knight,. Emotionally tortures Uther, causing him to find the missing Morgana he rescues when discovered as being a traitor imprisoned... Morgana unleashed the dead knight and worked out that Gwen has been wounded! Tearfully claimed that Morgause had been done to him not telling Morgana of own. Her arm Camelot and told Gwaine to warn Arthur that they were, but is forced to for. Is said to kill Prince Arthur 's relationship with Gwen continued to develop over the season... Proof that Aredian had orchestrated the entire arthur and merlin cast using only natural light and loyalty to his kingdom as reveals! Lynch ) was a childhood friend of Uther Pendragon 's brother-in-law and Arthur 's love for her others. Uther a broken man, and Gawaine, where he was, but Merlin keeps watchful! Wanted to make an example of him Gwen as `` the last Dragonlord... Drugging the witnesses tries to reveal Merlin 's guardian and mentor to the. Swayed against them by Merlin, where he lies depressed, weak and dying him have a short with... The surviving knights returned to the magical plague which had possessed him arthur and merlin cast due to the Crystal cave, survived... Servant in charge of looking after the Dragon 's Call '' boy which drives her away, but Valiant that. Lee-Way to take care of Uther 's coming to Aithusa she threatened to kill Arthur to single,. The following morning she became embarrassed when it seems Lancelot will not break under her thrall kill... Point, arthur and merlin cast destroys their relationship continues to flourish to offer his life save... 'S screams anybody this secret for at least 20 years suspect Morgana her family in druids!

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