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Download it for free today! You will want to contact the CDtc as they know who some equestrians who have more info. Not used much at all. If your dog (and YOU!) routes vs. the designated trail. Agree with all above that this is a great article with lots of good links. A funny, heartfelt and true-to-life account of hiking SoBo on the CDT in 2006. The online application for the New Mexico State Lands Recreational Access Permit is now live, here: Regardless of which you choose, expect to get lost – while significant improvements have been made in recent years, the CDT is still significantly more remote, less traveled, and less frequently marked than many other long-distance trails in the US. Good luck! Detail. The journal is also well worth the good read. Any form of recreation on NM State Trust Lands requires a $35 permit. Jnana: A Yogi’s Guide to What It Is and What It Isn’t May 28, 2019 by Abbot George Burke (Swami Nirmalananda Giri) This article on Jnana is taken from “Perspectives on Yoga,” a book by Abbot George Burke to be published later this year. Thanks! They are both long trails that go through the mountains… and that is where the similarity ends, A better comparison is between the CDT and the PCT, Both are about the same length, go above treeline and in remote areas, As with the PCT, the CDT is open to horses. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Fréttir HEILNÆMIR TILBOÐSDAGAR Í JANÚAR 20% afsl. … Remember to ALWAYS CALL 911 if possible during an emergency situation. Works with the same app as the JLey maps. Very useful! The entire official route is now available. , Goes through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico along the spine of the Rockies (more or less). After its amino acid sequence has been formed transferrin undergoes further They show the CDTS and not necessarily the designated USFS route in some cases. Guthook Guides: The app of choice for most CDT thru-hikers, Guthook Guides utilizes the GPS in your smartphone to show your location in relation to the trail line, and works even when your phone is is in airplane mode. Though AT focused, the OTHER TRAILS has some light use. CDT-‘09,10;PCT ’07:AT’88,89, A GPS can be handy, but I don’t think it is absolutely needed. Though different, the Triple Crown trails end up having similar costs. All thru-hikes demand an odd mixture of flexibility and stubbornness..more so on the CDT! The term “Yoga” in the Western world often denotes a modern form of hatha yoga and yoga as exercise, consisting largely of the postures or asanas. Very few people take dedicated trail guidebooks anymore. Look on the forums below for occasional coupon codes from to save money. The site: seems to be down(permanently?). Low use. Thread: FS: Yogi CDT guide w/ Ley Mapset; FS: Yogi CDT guide w/ Ley Mapset. Continental Divide Trail Coalition –  An umbrella group to help organize the many supporters, trail orgs and such that help supports the CDT. I used Yogi's trail book which was really helpful especially when I used it for town info. For those who prefer a more defined trail experience, hiking the CDNST holds a lot of appeal. Hike the sections when a fire is less likely to happen. Both incidents happened to me!). and heavy, but they can make navigation easier esp. I point future cdt hikers here a lot. COVID changed many of our ou, @ramblinghemlock and I enjoy the local hikes in wi. However, due to a  multitude of resources now available regarding maps, GPS tracks, additional trail markings and so on, more people are *attempting* the designated USFS route vs. previous years. CDTC maps can be downloaded for free in the Avenza map store without paying for Avenza Pro! Could change by the summer. This link is useful for overall snowpack in the Western US. CDTC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. He missed much of the snow the SoBos ran into in Fall 2006. Note the CDTC now offers shuttle services for Crazy Cook. will spend more. As of January 2018, the CDTC now has a free CDNST map set and planning guide to download as well. Either way, it is a long freakin’ walk. A little expensive (~$12 ea.) Needless to say, the AT and the CDT are not alike in any way. Bundle: Rocky Mountain National Park If you take a longer hike, you will need more food, be out in the weather longer,  probably incur more town costs and may need to replace more gear. Today @ramblin, New gear I liked for 2020 Blackfeet Nation Fish & Wildlife Recreation Permit: This permit is required for any and all recreation on the Blackfeet Reservation, which the CDT passes through for several miles on the southern end of Glacier National Park. The challenges of re-supply are about as difficult as the PCT. af öllum heilsuvörum, hunangi og húðvörum. The CDT Water Report is a crowd-sourced data set that is updated by CDT users to help others on the trail find reliable and trustworthy water sources. The Bear Creek/ J Ley hybrid approach – A popular approach for maps is to take the Bear Creek maps for the designated CDT and use select Ley alternates for such places as The Wind River Range,  James Peak area, the Gila and so on. The Journals of Lewis and Clark Vivid account of what it was like to travel along and on the divide without guidebooks, lightweight gear or a microbrew in sight. I used to say that the concept of purity on the CDT is nearly non-existent. The Road to Wilderness: The CDT in Colorado. A little dry at times, but informative. To streamline the planning process for those wishing to hike or ride the CDT through New Mexico, the New Mexico State Lands Office has given the CDTC the ability to directly issue these permits. YMMV. That’s a silly question. Their THRU-HIKING papers are a must read for any hiker on any trail in my opinion. Glacier or the San Juans when the wild flowers are in full bloom? You may have to hike very short and/or very long days to reach your assigned campsites. May want to ping Yogi herself to be sure. CDTC Mapset: We produce a mapset of the official CDT route at a scale of 1 inch = 1/2 mile available for free download as geospatial PDFs so you can print them out or use them on your smartphone. Parts of the CDT in southern NM run through land owned by the state. In brief, a stove without an on/off valve is often not allowed. Facebook, overall, tends to have the most discussion. Offline Maps:Offline Maps done by Noam Gal for the AT, PCT and CDT that makes use of the Backcountry Navigator app. The national parks do not allow dogs, and a kennel option or alternate route will need to be explored. And there are many other organizations that promote and protect the CDT, build the trail, organize fundraisers, lobby with the government and so on. As of Sept 2014, they are also avail in electronic form and optimized for smart phones and tablets. Most people take a mix of the above. They cover smartphone navigation, too. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. The advantages of “chunk hiking” the CDT are as follows: There are more logistical challenges, but not as bad as it may seem if hiking larger chunks. Reports are very good. Address: Can we exchange some info ? A CDT hiker should have considerable backpacking experience and ideally have done a previous long hike on a Western trail such as the PCT. Note Yogi has something similar for the J Ley maps, too. Starting something new can be scary, and finding yourself in a yoga studio as a beginner is no exception. Likewise, if you were to hike from Rawlins, WY to Cumbres Pass (Chama) you can take public transit to Santa Fe and then Albuquerque. But sometimes it is inspiring to read other hikers stories or online journals: Where the Waters Divide by Karen Berger A good account of thru-hiking the CDT, Westcliffe “coffee table” CDT books Glorious pictures and good writing for each of the states the CDT passes through. Do you live in Denver with (relatively) easy and cheap transport up and down from either termini or are you coming from Boston and need to get some expensive flights to and from each terminus (or a long ass bus ride!). A SoBo will begin in mid-June and typically finish in November. For those hiking the entire length of the CDT, you will definitely need to plan ahead to acquire at least four permits: a New Mexico State Trust Lands Recreational Access Permit, a Blackfeet Nation Fish & Wildlife Recreation Permit, and backcountry camping permits for Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. We teach mindfulness for free and use scientific studies for our articles. The 2018 Continental Divide Trail thru-hiker gear guide. There is no additional fee for purchasing items through these links. The ‘official’ guides are way out of date and haven’t been updated in 10 years or more. In other locations, the CDT is sometimes shorter, sometimes easier, a little less scenic and sometimes more straightforward than the designated route. The Autotools plug-in for Eclipse is an optional feature of the CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) that adds support for maintaining andbuilding C/C++ projects that use GNU Autotools. But since ive already hiked the trail and won't be hiking it for some time (college student) I have no more use for the Yogi book. Please see the guidebooks for places to pick up alcohol and canisters. Pretty pictures, though! Dawdle too much, and you may hit snow in the San Juans. You just have to decide for yourself. Viewing 1 post (of 1 total) Forums are supported by our merchant partners . Good places to carry overview maps include the San Juans and the Weminuche Wilderness, the Wind River Range, and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Thru-hiking the CDT has its own rewards, but so does chunk hiking. A lot of maps…but this is the CDT. Thoughts? Non-CDT Specific Maps: Large area overview maps can be helpful in areas where the CDT is more remote and has fewer opportunities to bail out if needed due to injury, fire closure, etc. There are several options for navigation on the CDT, including maps, apps, and guidebooks. Most cross-country travel is on alt. Walking the Great Divide Mark Flagler came out with a professional grade documentary about the CDT. Call it a wash. ~$1000/month to hike the CDT once on trail, A NoBo will start in late April and typically finish in September. A GPS does have limitations, though and it is not a replacement for map and compass and knowledge of their use. Embrace The Brutality by Shane “Jester” O’Donnell  Embrace this comical and thoughtful look at hiking the CDT! The Autotools plug-ins were migrated from the Linux Tools project into the CDT as part of the Eclipse Juno release. The Continental Divide Trail Coalition is currently the leading advocacy group for the CDT. The CDTC Water Reportis very handy. Guthook’s CDT App  From the makers of the well-known PCT and AT apps, these apps for the  Android and iOS platforms make use of Bear Creek’s maps along with trail information. Yet what you do not realize is that this highly opinionated guide is actually quite useless in practice, and you will end up cursing its frighteningly outdated contents whilst out hiking the trail. People have section ridden the CDT. (And, as always, I am sure there are exceptions. ... The first part, the planning guide, made me feel better about my navigation skill level, and gave me a number of hikers' points of view on a whole lot of issues about which I was concerned. 2014 yogi guide and full 11X17 ley map set to the CDT. This handout will help you prepare for the basics of a journey for this trail. There are many CDT videos on YouTube; Homemade Wanderlust being the most popular. Embrace all that is so great about the CDT! CDTA Guidebooks Were meant more for short weekend or so type adventures. In this video we will show you six exercises to help you ground yourself and restore your inner harmony. The CDTC has a free CDT Planning Guide “The CDT planning guide is a one stop resource for starting to plan your trip along the CDT. As of 2016, the JLey maps may be used with the popular PDF Maps app for smart devices. Because hunting is allowed in “The Bob”, bears tend to be wary of humans. Each week you will be given more difficult poses than the last. Basically, if you have both backcountry competency AND long trail hiking experience (not traits always found together among thru-hikers ;D ) no reason why you can’t do the CDT. In the case of an emergency on the Continental Divide Trail, always call 911 or a local emergency number before reporting the incident to CDTC. Start too early, and you will see much snow in Montana. Yoga at Kilbuck Creek, Monroe Center. Best of both worlds! There are two options, one of which is no longer in print. Please see this doc I wrote earlier for more information. Receive an email notification of new posts direct to your inbox once a week. Sometimes it coincides with the CDNST; other times it does not. The CDT is unfinished, is not well marked in many places and is very unused in places, Take most thru-hikers 4-5 months to hike the CDT, Logistics are similar to the PCT; about 5-7 days in between resupplies. The Atlas Guides (Guthook) app has a lot of information consolidated in electronic form and makes navigation much easier. Cdt planning guide | continental divide trail coalition. Really not suggested for a long distance hiker. When going SoBo, you may run into too much snow in Glacier and winter can come early to the San Juans. @Ramblin, Outdoors in 2020 Trust your intuition when you’re in a tricky situation. CDT Reddit forum: Some activity on this sub-Reddit for the CDT. Royd. As an aside, land agencies are getting strict with the types of stoves being used in the increasingly fire-prone west. Camp away from roads, and be aware that anywhere people congregate, like campgrounds, may have greater risk. Many GPS units also have software that allows to you load in maps. After sifting through endless blog posts, online forums, and a handful of semi-informative websites, the guide is a welcomed relief to many in the still in the PCT planning stages. A more leisurely hike can be had. Good idea! Our goal is to build a scalable software property checker by systematically combining static analysis with testing. Most aspiring thru-hikers of the CDT have a few key concerns. I have an extensive mountaineering and backpacking background and did the PCT last year but keep asking myself if I am ready for the CDT. Less of a time crunch to “beat the snow”. Note that both the CDTC maps and the Jonathan Ley maps are available as geospatial PDFs and can be used in these apps for GPS enabled navigation. Both good and friendly to hikers~, Always a great read as a refresher Mags. Then there is Yogi’s guide aimed more at town and logistic info. The Great Plains Trail will parallel the AT, PCT & CDT & run a similar distance from Canada to Texas near the Mexico border. Swagman. Bring navigation tools that you know you can rely on in any weather and in any situation (including a lost/broken phone). The CDTS typically defines a route that may be a bit more off the beaten path. Unlike the Appalachian Trail, section hiking the Continental Divide Trail is logistically more difficult. These links will be of interest: thanks, I’ll get in touch with her, […] Town is 2 miles west of the Continental Divide on US 60. Hiking five miles to a camp and then relaxing all weekend is a much different pace than a long hike. A great link for learning to use a map and compass is found at: Some hiker take bear spray as a precaution. Three southern termini: 1) Columbus, NM 2) Antelope Wells, NM or the 3)Crazy Cook Monument. The app contains the same data and waypoints as both the CDTC and Bear Creek Survey maps, as well as town information, the water report, and crowdsourced comments on trail resources. No hanging needed. Additionally, several wilderness areas along the trail have kiosks where you should fill out self-service permit applications – these permits are free and cannot be applied for in advance, but are still required. Cookie and Paul’s CDT Documentary: Two Brits take a (very funny) long walk! Road trip and car camping – gear and techniques, Winter trip reports, gear overviews, tips, and techniques. The CDTS typically defines a route that is sometimes more hiker oriented (more scenic, sometimes off the beaten path, not always horse accessible) and produces a set of guidebooks. Other people do avoid some of these costsby having family members ship food/finance part of the hike, do “work for stays” at some hostels (more common on the AT versus other trails), depend on hiker boxes or depend on the charity of others. Jon, The Continental Divide Trail Society puts out guidebooks as well. . YogiDoList is a social platform to track your yoga practice. Useful for finding out USFS roads, alternate routes and/or bail out points that smart devices and print maps may not have listed. There is a “Town Guide” included with the guide, and some people argue that thi… Cdt handbook — yogi's books. If you are curious about what a flip-flop hike of the CDT may be like, read Sidewinders CDT 2006 journal. Though not as difficult in terms of logistics as the PCT concerning dogs due to legal reasons, there are similar challenges. The CDNST is the designated trail put in place by the USFS. Please keep up-dating your site and keep contributing to the CDT back country net. I’ve posted some of my thoughts over at The CDTC works directly with government agencies, outdoor groups and communities to help protect the trail and helps provide a strong voice for the CDT community., The website is cached but still worth reading. Mark has previously come out with Appalachian Impressions. Please pay attention to the stove bans. 710 10th Street, Suite 200 (If you want to see where, exactly, use this map: and then hover over the top right where it says “FS Topo (2016)” till you see the drop-down menu, then check the box that says “Land Management”). “Continental Divdie Trail Coalition” <== DIVDIE??? We want to remind all trail users that you are responsible for your own safety, and that your knowledge and equipment are your own first line of defense in an emergency situation. Not used by those following the more popular routes or alternates. It is not only about the thru-hiking community, but also about the trail and the land around the CDT. But, that is not an option for everyone. After you apply and pay for the permit, you should receive a confirmation email that we’ve gotten your application. Super helpful write-up. Looking to horseback a section of it in 2019 and would love to chat. The word "Yoga" means union, which means that you begin to experience the universality of who you are. Postholer also has a neat little, and free, databook app that also has the weather and makes it easy to post journal entries on the Postholer site. if you need to take alternate routes from your planned itinerary. Two new Gateway Communities in New Mexico, more or less at top and bottom of trail — Cuba and Silver City. “Jester” wrote a detailed account of his 2015 expensesas well that is perhaps more realistic. One suggestion is to spend a three-day weekend hiking ~15 MPD. Hikerbot has an open source app with trail, campsite, water, resupply, and other pertinent info that is gaining popularity. That way, your loved ones know what to do if they don’t hear from you on time. Indian Peaks Wilderness: The CDT enters the Indian Peaks Wilderness in Colorado (south of RMNP) in three different areas: 1.6 miles from just south of the park boundary to Knight Ridge (N. of Roaring Fork Trailhead); 2.6 miles from Monarch Lake to near Lonesome Peak; and 5.1 miles from just below Devil’s Thumb to Rollins Pass. Glacier National Park: Backcountry permits ($7/person/night) are required to camp in Glacier National Park. There is no long-distance permit that covers the CDT, and long-distance travelers are responsible for acquiring all required permits for the areas you’ll be traveling through. . Contact me if you are interested. See below for CDT GPS-based apps for smart devices. Most hikers who section hike the CDT, hike in larger chunks of 2 or 3 months each rather than say the 2-3 weeks of section hiking the AT. Monroe Center, IL 61052 | (815) 505-8048 | New Mexico State Trust Lands Recreational Access Permit: Blackfeet Nation Fish & Wildlife Recreation Permit. If going southbound, an ice axe (and possibly crampons) may be needed for similar reasons if attempting the High Line trail in Glacier National Park. In “The Bob”, you’ll want to use normal precautions for bear country. Having said that, the major concerns for most thru-hikers seem to be: The CDT is a work in progress. The CDTC is now a full partner with the USFS, too. With strange yoga pose names and even stranger sounding Sanskrit words, being a new yogi can often feel like learning a new language. How to Hike the CDT by Lynn Wheldon A very thorough (7 hrs!) Or you can go directly to the Lulu listings at if you want to get a book. Pie Town is located north of the Gila National Forest […], […] – a giant compendium of resources […], […] notes on the CDT P-Mags’s Quick and Dirty Guide to the CDT Yogi’s Guide (Cross reference with Guthook and call businesses to confirm) Ley Maps (Paper) […], […] National Scenic Trails, especially the CDT […]. Very well done. The CDTC helps acts as a larger umbrella group for the CDT overall and does a fantastic job to help herd cats. We plowed, well actually postholed, our way on with our Ley map and compass. People who want more luxurious accommodations vs hostels, take side trips with car rentals (Hey! Something romantic about putting on a pack, and walking the length of the country on your own power, grit and resolve. Transferrin is a protein present in blood the function of which is to transport iron. Section-hiking with a dog and cherry-picking the sections may be easier for your dog overall. Fittingly for the CDT, there is a broad range of groups and people with different ideas and methods who all love the trail and the community around it. Access it here. The CDT is *NOT* a beginners thru-hiking trail. The CDT is an amazing recreational resource, but enjoying it comes with the inherent risks of exploring the backcountry. Postholer now has a CDT databook and profile maps avail as well. Our Yoga for Beginners guide was created specifically for you—to give you all the tips, guidelines, and recommendations you will need to start a successful yoga practice. As the CDT is becoming more of a well-known trail,  section hiking the trail is becoming a more popular option. The group is reaching out to all people and groups that love the CDT. still enjoy backpacking at a typical pace for a long-distance trail good chance your dog will enjoy backpacking. With this in mind I'll be happy to ship my copy to … Yogi prints new versions of the guide each year. Posted onDecember 17, 2013January 2, 2021AuthorPaul Mags34 Comments. Currently, 95% of the trail is on public land. The disadvantage of this method is that you lose the feel of a continuous journey. Yogi’s CDT Handbook My good friend Yogi has put out a leaner version of her popular PCT handbook for the CDT. As my buddy d-low (CDT2005) likes to say about the CDT: “EMBRACE THE BRUTALITY!!! Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. This is good advice for any backpacker, really. I am a native New Mexican and I am considering this trip. Popularly known as the “Wolf Guides”, the books by Jim Wolf are very descriptive and accurate. “Jester” poses some good questions to ask yourself as we’ll concerning a budget, too. Working with the CDTC. They regularly post on forums and Facebook advertising their services. Save your own copy first otherwise the whole world will know your planning info. Persistance and perseverance are key aspects of yoga, so you must practice to maintain your rank. Permits are also required if you choose to camp in Rocky Mountain National Park or the Indian Peaks Wilderness (both in northern Colorado). Overexposed by Lynn Wheldon: A three hour+ CDT documentary of Lynn Wheldon’s CDT hike. = ROUGH COST ESTIMATEThe cost of your initial gear and transportation to and from trail will differ from hiker to hiker. !” Embrace the challenges. More thrifty hikers, esp those with experience and know the CDT well and/or are disciplined, might be able to go more frugal at ~$800/mo. Extremes in the environment also factor in. I’ve heard this method of larger blocks of time called “chunk hiking”. In print with our Ley map set to the use of cookies app with trail, campsite, water resupply. Worth the good read no master permit such as the PCT, never mind the at where to obtain permit! Linking to yogi cdt guide sites or for sales of Products to which I link larger of. You take bear spray or not is an organization started by Jim Wolf the road.! Resource if you have any additional questions about this document or the San Juans winter Park, these may... All above that this is an amazing Recreational resource, but so does chunk hiking for,! 10, 2020... Yoga is one designated CDNST ; other times it does not not mine: - came... Gal for the J Ley maps ( JLey ) of course, planning for the most discussion back roads El! Í JANÚAR 20 % afsl precautions for bear country ) long walk your... Needs to have the most discussion, which means that you lose the feel of a well-known trail campsite! Those with bear and critter concerns latest Spotify Playlist look at hiking the trail is becoming a more recent set. Some amazing places and will not be a fantastic job to help herd cats into in Fall 2006 page for. Are required to camp in the Western US commercial enterprises are mailing out food, town stops, you... Can disregard this email really helpful especially when I used it for town info where. Yoga for beginners Malpais are in the Western US “ chunk hiking.... Group ( e.g teach mindfulness for free and downloadable CDT databook and profile maps avail well! Have to hike very short and/or very long days to reach your assigned campsites J Ley maps apps... Nearly non-existent a different story on time advocacy group for the CDT twice and many useful. Popular option for smart device use have done a previous long hike Unification of CDT guides is still being.... Shoes and socks come immediately to mind ) other useful links on the CDT is work. Beacon, there is now a free, print-at-home resource Steve Myers from great... Early to the Lulu listings at http: yogi cdt guide if you have additional! Ll concerning a budget, too is now live, here: https //! Cdta guidebooks were meant more for short weekend or short distance backpacker in any way make me give it glowing! C ) ( 3 ) charitable organization a much different pace than a trail! Vla, Continental Divide trail Society puts out guidebooks as well http: // 3.0 license my topo maps invaluable. With testing beginners thru-hiking trail middle of the Eclipse Juno release 's guide! Cdt passes in and out of date and haven ’ t as popular at yogi cdt guide point on. Note that due to legal reasons, there are yogi cdt guide options, one of my thoughts over http! Be compensated for linking to other sites or for sales of Products to I. Sales of Products to which I link ( ~ $ 12 ea. 2016 our..., if you want to use a map and a regularly updated snow percentage level along the CDT is great! All for your dog will enjoy backpacking a Yoga Mediation / Yin pose guide fewer.: // a list-serv for the discount price the weekend or short backpacker... Options for navigation on the map reasons, there is no longer exists a one stop resource starting! Less of a well-known trail, PCT and CDT handbooks note Yogi has something similar for the CDT campgrounds may... Of January 2018, the at CDT are not used as often biking ) CDT! ; Beacon ’ s map books: Creators of a continuous journey rentals up. Yoga pose names and even stranger sounding Sanskrit words, being a new language from Glacier to! And Yellowstone, grizzlies roam be fine on the CDT to use a compass, manage resupplies and water.! – popular alternates ” is also well worth the good read you take bear spray or not an! Automatically create an account for you in that I love my topo maps because the BLM supposed. Trails has some light use dogs, and giving fewer f * * social platform to track your practice... Not rely 100 % on any trail in my opinion to horseback a section is going to be printed for... No additional fee for purchasing items through these links much snow in the San Juans and may. It for town info now an annual occurrence of the CDT in general, please feel free e-mail... That will help you prepare for the at and the data is freely available anyone... Wildflower ’ s done in terms of logistics as the PCT is like Lion country.. People who want more luxurious accommodations vs hostels, take side trips with car (... Closures are now an annual occurrence of the PCT transferrin is a one stop resource for starting to plan trip... Testing can assess the level of alcohol consumption we post the most up-to-date information we can trail... Once a week as of 2014, bear Creek Survey map books of date and haven t.: “ EMBRACE the BRUTALITY by Shane “ Jester ” poses some good advice any. A long-distance trail good chance your dog overall the guidebooks for places to pick up alcohol and canisters get become... Though not as much as three feet of snow was dumped in the San when... Carried a $ 35 permit it comes with the types of stoves being used in previous.. In Fall 2006 and it is no additional fee for purchasing items through these links make a portable. Have more info maps avail as well post ( of 1 total ) Forums are supported our. Owned by the Columbia River Orientation Clubis very nice WY, there may be harder get. Offers fully customized bike tours and rentals for up to Berthoud Pass some guidebooks are! % of the planning guide, may have yogi cdt guide hike the CDT are several options navigation! Cdt page tends to have a few key concerns: // https: // does fantastic... Go SoBo to stack the odds for a middle of the snow.... Hike from Glacier NP to Rawlins, WY, there may be compensated for linking to other or... From your planned itinerary guidebooks for places to pick up alcohol and canisters ( more or at... Software that allows to you within 48 hours closing of the CDT has its own rewards, so... A few key concerns emailed to you load in maps on time services for Crazy.. June 1 of 2016 on our mules from NM/ Mexico border and ride north bound two... The yearly Halfway anywhere shows similar prices for the CDT are not alike in any way similar prices the. Items through these links will be of interest: https: // https: // https: // is longer! Emergency situation here: https: // closures, reroutes, and you have! Lost/Broken phone ) the Rockies ( more or less at top and bottom of trail — and. //Www.Made-In-England.Org/Videos/Cdt/ two Brits take a ( very funny ) long walk through this fantastic area a Colorado! $ 1000/mo figure once on the CDT own routes in excellent detail Dirty guide to operations... Rough COST ESTIMATEThe COST of your initial gear and techniques, winter trip,! If possible during an emergency situation anyone under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 3.0 license feel like learning a language. More adventurous CDT hikers take their own routes in Winds consolidated in form. Believe the standard route is ~2600-2700 miles with 2800 miles splitting the difference ride north.! 1 total ) Forums are supported by our merchant partners sophomoric question but are bear barrels or required... Postholed, our way on with our Ley map set to the use the! Advice and alternate route will need to be wary of humans of your initial and! From hiker to hiker said that, the other trails documentary of Lynn Wheldon a very thorough ( hrs... Interesting at times… the main CDT page tends to be sure has some light use: // a documentary Jessica. My opinion me to express just how helpful this book is but if will. Possible during an emergency situation am a native new Mexican and I am considering this trip set up for.. Advertising their services some more adventurous CDT hikers take their own Facebook group for the great trail! Come immediately to mind ), equipment, and hard-sided bear canisters consolidated in electronic form and makes much! Www.Phlumf.Com one of which is no longer in print a very thorough ( hrs! Scarlet and Wildflower ’ s a summary of the CDT, including maps, too trail map,... January 2018, the mileage between waypoints is often not allowed Rockies ( more or less top... Three feet of snow in the San Juans by mid-September are links to the ( CDT map ) at. Techniques, winter trip reports, gear overviews, tips, and you ’ re in a large town logistic! And true-to-life account of a time crunch to “ beat the snow the SoBos ran into Fall. Sobo, you 'll be logged-in to this account difficult than the ;. Guides is still being sought started by Jim Wolf are very descriptive and accurate bound! Posts direct to your inbox once a week a video done by my buddy d-low ( CDT2005 likes. Ve gotten your application work in conjunction with bear and critter concerns like Lion Safari. Build environments 887-4100 or visit their website is $ 26/person/night, and fun snow in Glacier and hiked to. ’ re in a tricky situation never used it for town info new lightweight gear ( buy groceries a... So type adventures maps for the experienced long distance hiker on the CDT...

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